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Patio Windows

This is a finless window, having a 25mm external flange which enables the window to be fixed flush to
a 50mm X 50mm post section, or to any flat 90o profile. No visible fixings as the design of the window
allows for them on the inside. This window is ideal for:

  • Glass room enclosures
  • Enclosing verandahs
  • Swimming pools

Aluminex Patio Windows are available in three design types, Fixed, Sliding and Single-Hung.

Fixed windows are often used to complement other windows and doors and are best suited in areas
where ventilation is not an issue and natural light needs to be maximised. The Aluminex mix-and-
match approach allows you to incorporate fixed panel windows with other configurations to provide
unique and flexible design solutions to suit your project.

Sliding windows are practical, simple yet stylish offering large glass areas, clean lines and ventilation
by a simple slide of the sash. The sliding sash runs on a heavy duty bronze axle roller support.

Single-Hung windows are perfect for locations that have external space restrictions, as no part opens
outward, allowing you to regulate air flow. For the convenience of builders and renovators these
windows are designed using the exact perimeter of the sliding window. This allows the horizontal
sliding and vertical hung windows to have an easy mix-and-match approach to be used on the same
project while reducing time, effort and cost. The friction stays are constructed with a heavy duty
commercial friction stay, making the window virtually maintenance free. The vertical hung window is
the only window where a security locking system can be used when the bottom sash is in a vented
position. Fly screens are fitted into a channel on the inside of the window allowing for easy removal
from the inside.


  • Non-standard powder coat colours
  • Screens – fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium or pet mesh
  • Reveals – primed, meranti
  • Bars – Federation, Colonial, Heritage