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Thermasound™ Windows

The Aluminex Thermasound™ Secondary Glazing System has been designed to reduce:

  • Sound entry by up to 75%, including heavy traffic and aircraft noise as well as unwanted sounds from neighbours or nearby buildings
  • Ultra-violet radiation by up to 95%, stopping curtains and carpet from fading
  • Summer heat up to 60% and prevent heat loss by the same amount in winter

Depending on the type of construction sound reduction is achieved based on the size of the gap between two panels of glass. Sound reduction up to 75% using a 100mm air gap can be achieved, anything less would reduce that improvement.

Thermasound™ windows are installed on the inside of your existing window; installation is quick and economical with no alterations to existing windows or building structures. Both windows can be opened for easy cleaning as well as allowing ventilation when noise is not excessive.


  • Non-standard powder coat colours